Join the Malawi team!

What’s Happening
in Malawi?

Living Hope Church is partnering with Action International and Pastor Christopher Kapito to train pastors and mentor group leaders in 5 districts in Malawi: Blantyre, Zomba, Chiradzulu, Pholombe, and Mulanje.

Zoom Discipleship Classes 
Pastors and church leaders in each district gather together for a Zoom class with a teacher from Living Hope Church and other churches to walk through lessons from Growing in Christ.The powerful lessons on Assurance of Salvation, Assurance of Answered Prayer, Assurance of Victory and others are changing lives and transforming churches.  The students in the class in turn teach the lessons to their mentor groups, consequently reaching hundreds of people with the truth of God’s Word.

Women’s Conference September 9-11, 2022
Once a year over 100 women from the five districts meet for a special weekend of Bible teaching and worship via Zoom. Guest speakers encourage and exhort women in their walk with Christ addressing the specific challenges Christians in Malawi face. This year teachers addressed the use of charms and witchcraft.  Many women joyfully received the teaching and responded with a commitment to abandon the practice of visiting witchdoctors and live in obedience to Scripture.

New Year’s Eve Prayer Service
In Malawi believers from all five districts gather together for a night of prayer and teaching sponsored by Living Hope Church.  Meeting at 6 AM on December 31st, a day of teaching and testimonies are brought by a variety of pastors, elders, and Living Hope Church members who bless and encourage the body of Christ in Malawi.  This Zoom conference is a powerful time of teaching and outreach, and a blessing to all who participate.

Purchasing Bibles

Malawi has the lowest income per person in the world. Most people, pastors included, do not own a Bible. The cost of a Bible, $14 USD, is prohibitive to the average Malawian, who earns approximately $1.88 per day. We partner with the church family in Malawi to provide them with the Word of God. If you'd like to contribute to this cause please email us!