Young Adults is a ministry aimed at connecting and growing 18-34 year olds in Christ and community. Building bridges between generations, nurturing authentic relationships, and fostering a vibrant sense of belonging within our young adult community.

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Monthly Meetup!

2nd Wednesday of every month at 7 PM!
Meet at Living Hope Church.

Come strengthen your relationship with Jesus, together.

Meet the Leaders!

Carighan Gray

In walking my own path, God has curated tools for me to connect, translate and relate to unique and real life situations. God has placed me here to help others find their own path to grow in their faith and relationships. So if we are entering in each others lives then God meant for us to do something great together!

Rohitson "Ro" Kondru

I started following Jesus after an encounter with Christ when everyone gave up, I started believing Him and gave my Life to Him because that’s where I know my life is better in His Hands. I want to make His name famous and do everything for His Glory.